Kegle right Kegle tight





keeping it tight is key to life! We are blessed with the body were given. its important to know your self, your capabilities and limitations. there are a total of 640 muscles in the body and your vagina muscles are just as important to work out if not more! We are all shaped differently but as woman we must take extra pride in our inner and outer appearance.  Life  circumstances can take its toll on a woman’s inner walls- that’s why its so important individual to keep it tight!  situations that can loosen your vaginal muscles are obviously time, before having a baby, during, and after child birth as well as loss of battler or lifting heavy objects. 

But wait! have no fear the kegel master is here! I have many tips to keep that puss tight so please don’t fright because your going to learn them tonight.

How do you do kegel exercises you ask?
Simple! – Kegle exercise are done by squeezing the muscles in the pelvic floor and holding for short periods of time. first you must find the right muscle. a good way to find it is- when using the restroom-stop your stream= that’s the muscle your looking for! congratulations! Another fun way to find the muscle is to put you finger in it and feel the squeeze. Don’t confuse these muscles with your buttocks and your abdomen- if you have an other GPS Vagina location questions please consult your gynecologist.

Start slow and build up! do it on a regular! I personal make it a part of my everyday routine. When i wake up, when i drive, before sex, when i go to sleep, when i’m bored, theirs really no limit and every woman should take advantage of this fact too!

They created kegel stones to also help. Lady’s keep it tight and right for your partner tonight!

Thank you and feel free to comment!



Its important  to keep the fire going in the bed room. Key to keep the sex drive going, not only the mind, but the body stimulated. There are many things that can help increase a life time of fun in and out of the bed room! So grab your note pads and jot down these life changing facts.

~Mind Over Matter~ Keep the mood positive and each others mind stimulated by                                                    complementing, softly touching, and passionate eye contact.

~Setting the Mood~ No matter where you are, you can create an atmosphere that is more                                     than desirable for your significant other to fall into your hands. For                                         example, lighting candles, dimming lights, music, actual “Stimulants”                                       ex. food,alcoholic drinks,drugs,love potions,and medical                                                              preparations.

~Aphrodisiacs~ For men:  CHOCOLATE king of stimulants. Its know to release a “feel                                     good” chemicals. Yohimbine: a popular hurb that is collected from the                                   bark of the tree and contains (MAO) Monoamine oicdase alkaloid.                                           ultimately it increase blood flow and arousal. Muira Puama is also a                                        very potent herbal aphrodisiacs from a shrub native to Brazil. It                                              enhances sexual function.

   ~Cretin Foods~ Chocolate, Cheese, any kind of nuts, eggs, meat, ect. all of                                                                  these contain Arginine which is an amino acid responsible for the                                           synthesis of nitric oxid (NO) Which basically increases blood flow to the penis and creates a longer lasting erection.

     ~For Woman~ Chocolate, nuts, eggs, oysters, Meca root, ginseng, wild                                       oats, Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, honey, and so much more.

~ Basally a lot of natural food and herbs can be mixed together to create a shake equivalent to Viagra. So eat your nuts and berry’s and give each other a stimulation massage in a sexy setting. Remember Its always mind over matter…. so mind your matter and give it some extra TLC!

As Always Love,

Juicy Jen

Joke time….

So i’m going to run a few jokes by you ………and you tell me which ones are your favorite.

Each joke will have a number in the front and tow boxes in the back with a YES and a NO by it, respond according to  to your fondness or dislike for each joke. Thank you so much for your feed back its very important!

  1. Scientists have proven that there are two thing in the air that have been known to cause woman to get pregnant: Their legs.  [   ]yes   [   ]no
  2. I asked a Chinese girl for her number and she said “Sex!sex!sex! Free sex tonight!” I said “wow!” then her friend said “she means 666-3629.     [   ]yes    [   ]no
  3. Having sex is like playing bridge, if you don’t have a partner, you better have a good hand.    [   ]yes   [   ]no
  4. What did the left pussy lip say to the right pussy lip? “We use to be really close until you let that dick come in between us!”     [   ]yes    [    ] No
  5. …..Three words to ruin a mans ego…..”Is it in?”    [   ]Yes    [   ]No


I hope they make you laugh ….. if not please let me know! i will be telling you many other Funny jokes in-between sexy short stories, Key information, Among many other amazing sex filled topics. So follow along ….. here on my blog    or go to my website and order T-shirts and calendars just go to    Follow me on my social media on       FB – Jenn Po Model       IG-iamjuicyjen     TW-Jennpo1  iamjuicyjen     Youtube-JuicyJen     and of course SnapChat-IamJuicyJen   once again thannks for your love, support and feed back! i look forward to your responses. Carpe Diem!



Perfect Storm

Tonight I got a sexy short story for you to tuck you in to bed real tight! Sweet dreams….



A passionate young sexy couple were extremely interested in one another so much they experienced a international journey like no other….. It began something like this…..

He called her up and said “I want to take you away for the weekend, pack your bags I will pick you up at 7 clock .” She replied “I will be ready dear.” moments before 7 her blood is racing as she is anticipating his arrival. He pulls up 7 prompt in a phantom, dressed to kill in a three piece suite.  The driver immediately gets her bags and places them in the trunk. They swiftly get in and drive away to their next location… which is a mystery to her. They arrive a small airport and as her anticipation builds shes bust out and says “Whats going on Darling?” he simply replies “Just let me take care of you.”  He grabs her hand and leads her to a private plane. Her eyes pop out of her head as her heart pops out of her chest, not only for the grand gestures of love but also the kind loving humility that this amazing soul passionately craves for her. They sit on the plane as champagne is poured, their luggage is loaded and the plane starts for take off. They begin to soar to a far off undisclosed location. He told her they have two hours before arrival and had some time to kill. So she shut the pilot door and lost her clothes on the floor. She danced for him high in the clouds as the sun sets in their eyes.  She began to bless her king with the dome of the century. All of a sudden the weather turns for the worst! Somehow the turbulence is helping his situation, so pleased he can’t take it anymore. He grabs her up by her waist and thrusts her on his hard wood. As lightening strikes past their window and the plane jolts hard, The fear grows inside of both of them. As the turbulence gets stronger they hold on to each other harder. Not knowing whether their going to live or die they look into each others eyes and without a word needed they knew they would fuck each other till death comes for their lives! Just as the sun set and the storm subsides he cums inside as she explodes like a symphony inside. The pilots make an announcement “the weather is clearing up and we safely arrive in 20 minutes to your private island…. hope you enjoy your weekend!!!” They both smiled and kissed one another returning to their seats. They both put their cloths and look out the window to their romantic private destination holding hand in hand.

Sweet Dreams    LOVE, Juicy Jen



Expect the unexpected


Life is unpredictable, just like sex. Sometimes you make a plan or have certain intentions and life has a funny way of showing you that’s not how it goes. Some of us fall in love easy or fast and others make it hard to love never understanding why. It’s essential to be as unpredictable in your sexual relationships as life challenges you. The key to spice it up and keep each other mentally and physically stimulated.  Setting the tone will make or break your sexual zone. Have great understanding and communication with the one your with so that you can push the limits with out over stepping your boundaries.  Make sure you have a safe word and feel free to openly communicate what  you want or are interested in. Sex is not only for reproduction, it’s an expression of human emotion. Sex is the realist form of real passion. Feel free to openly communicate and explore your deepest desires. Remember when you understand a person on the deepest level you not only capture their mind but also their heart.

Here are some tips to help set the mood and get you there:

*candles    *flowers     *chocolate    *relaxing music  *Hot baths or showers   *Food like fruit or deserts, etc.   *Foreplay   * wine and dine   *whisper in their ear     *tease and tantalize    *always engage eye contact   *Be in the moment   *  Always encourage love and positivity        *aphrodisiacs     *sexual pressure points    *  and so much more!!!

A wise person once told me inspect what you expect, which simply means do some research on what it is that you want.

It’s incredibly important to have a creative imagination

Keep it wet with an open mind!

Life is unpredictable and unexpected.  Regardless, you should always learn more and keep an open mind. Our skin is our biggest organ. Our hearts keeps us pumping.  Our minds keeps us sharp.  Our spirits keeps us connected. Our loins not only produce but should also also be exercised like a muscle.  Just like we unconsciously use our minds for everyday problem solving, we need to also release our most intimate desires.  There are thousands of studies and decades of research which show a persons overall happiness, well being, and state of mind is directly connected to their sex life.  If there is ever an issue of trust, that only means there is a solution to follow.  If you need stimulation and motivation, it all comes down to understanding and communication with your partner about your current situation.  Let me help open your mind,

Life is short so live it to the fullest!  We are not granted tomorrow so we should make the best of today!  The amazing people around you are a gift that should be cherished. Everyday should be the best of your life.  Love everyone but don’t forget to love your self. Carpe Diem.

This is probably the most informative blog entry.  It is just words that need to be said, heard, and understood to set a tone.  Trust me from here on out I will be sharing sexy stories, adventures, experiences, and so much more. Please feel free to openly comment, ask questions, and send your love!

Let me tuck you in right!

Food for thought …. Let’s practice an exercise together.  Let’s test my theory.  Tomorrow when you wake you try not to get horny in the morning, during the day try not to think about sex at all.  At night do not mentally or physically stimulate your self at all.  Test your own will power while realizing your frustration levels going up.  The next day do the exact opposite.  I’m sure you see where this is going.  Our brains let off serotonin that ignites positive vibes which createsFIPL1859.jpg happiness.  Sex = Happy                         try it!

As always love,

Juicy Jen

Wet Morning

It’s good to wake up in the morning and open your eyes to someone, or at least a toy. Before your eyes focus, the thoughts that cross your mind ….shoots burst of feeling in between your thighs. Next thing you know you can’t sleep any longer and your fingers are running through the sheets in search for some heat. Passions go wild inside while kinky past thoughts are on your mind. Juices flowing as thrust is going, trying to be quiet and hide the burning fire inside, faster and faster its harder and harder to hide, until an undeniable burning explosion ignites inside, bursting out with happiness and pride!

I believe strongly that a nut a day will keep a smile on your face! The importance of cumming, especially in the morning, is a crucial part of the day. It’s as important as each meal you eat.  You would be astonished how much of a happier and well rounded person you will be after busting a nut, or three.

Love always,  Juicy Jen

Juicy Jen’s Sex Blog

This is my very first sex blog.  I am so very excited….. It’s long over due!
During the duration of this blog I intend to explore every fantasy, desire, thought, indication, or inquiry.  I want to start off real slow…. like it was your first time….. your adrenaline is rolling… you think you know what you are doing….. and then all the sudden the inevitable reality reveals itself  beyond something more than you can ever imagine. Your future evolution of sex! What I would love to do is further explore this amazing sexual journey together! So even though the topic was some what vague in details…. i  hope a great mind can see the bigger picture.  stay tuned for your sexual adventures  to awaken your deepest desires ever!


Juicy Jen

Hello world!

Welcome to Juicy Jen’s real opinions and thoughts about sex. I wanted to create an open forum to be able to comfortably and openly discuss a topic that everyone talks about but knows very little about when it comes down to it.   I want to stimulate, to motivate, to inspire, and create a greater sexual understanding and journey in life! So please take this sexual journey with me on a wet carpet ride.